Materials science

MS 1a
Energy-related materials and catalysts I


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spectrum A

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The session is focused on generating insights into the function of materials for energy storage, energy conversion and catalysis. Topics can be – but are not restricted to - charge transport, dynamics at interfaces (electrolyte/electrode or gas-phase/catalyst surface), cycling behavior and aging/deactivation. We are very interested in contributions that attempt to capture the relevant functional state of energy materials and catalysts, i.e., studies that reach beyond imaging of isolated systems in vacuum or investigations that employ an embedded multi-scale (in space and time) approach that allows to link between atomistic and collective dynamics. We also call for contributions regarding efficient detection of various generated signals, correlative application of analytical methods, as well as utilizing and developing quantitative data-analysis and machine learning. Studies on the impact of the electron beam for (in-situ) investigation of materials for energy-related or catalysis applications are also highly welcome.