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IM 6
Phase-related techniques & 4D STEM


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This session focusses on methods associated with different aspects of phase in electron microscopy. A first topic concerns mapping of the Coulomb potential, electric or magnetic fields, for instance using methods that retrieve the phase of the electron wave such as electron holography or focus variation reconstruction. The session also covers differential phase contrast (DPC) microscopy, which is based on the acquisition of a Ronchigram per scan position (4D-STEM) with a segmented, pixelated or other dedicated detector, using the first moment of the intensity distribution or a ptychographic reconstruction of the object phase. Another topic is related to the shaping of the phase of the electron wave using different kinds of phase plates, vortex beams, and beam shaping in general. Contributions may also tackle related theoretical topics, image simulation, influence of inelastic contributions and similar aspects.